Vision & Mission

To be an institute responsive to changes in technology, socio-economic and environmental conditions; an institute that strives for excellence in engineering education, promotes research culture to produce locally and globally compatible engineers having good human values.To conduct sound and feasible welfare and development programmes at remote, far-flung humanity, to join the mission to ensure INDIA as developed nation.

Mission of AZMET College of Engineering & Technology is to provide technical/professional education to the deprived ward of the Muslim Minority community of Kishanganj, Madhepura, Purnea and Kosi region of Bihar state. The students of this region go as far away as Patna, Delhi, Aligarh, Varanasi etc. for technical or professional education.

The objectives of AZMET College of Engineering & Technology is to be the premier institution that offers teaching and learning programmes of the best quality, graduate students who excel and become leaders in the chosen profession contributing to the community , the nation and the world, and prepares individuals of the highest moral fiber. The AZMET College of Engineering & Technology is to provide high class quality technical education on the theme of checking the out flux of money and students from the zone and promote the institute in other part of the country by taking all necessary steps to enhance the institute Excellency and quality. 

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